Submitting Records

Spreadsheets Version 5 (2018) have been uploaded.
Please download and use and delete any old versions you may have.

As a defence against spam mail, we have not used direct email links. Please replace the [at] in the email addresses with @.

Reminder. Please Help Us by Choosing the Best Method of Submitting Records

Thank you all for your 2016 records. 
As we have mentioned before (below), it makes the job of the county recorders and our records keeper much easier if you are able to submit using Mapmate (see Submitting records page for details). Using Mapmate also means that you get to see the complete records for the county.

 If you are not able to use Mapmate, please download the spreadsheets created by Alex Parsons to help make yours and our lives easier. 
If for some reason  you can't use this method either , then submit your records to the county recorder but please organise these as a list of species and numbers seen by date rather than just a list of species and all the dates you saw them on. 
The latter method takes a great deal of time consuming extra handling on our part to get them into a final record format that can be used in country and national recording. 

Thank you

Submitting Records - Please help us to help you.
It will make it very much easier for the county recorders if you use Mapmate as a first preference or if not,  use one of the semi automated spreadsheets shown below.  It should also make your life easier as much of the data you will need for a record will be filled in for you.

If you can't get the automated sheets to work for you, use the final, basic spreadsheet below. It will work with Excel or Open Office, and its name says it all! Please do try the automated ones first though. 

If you know anyone who doesn't have access to the internet, then maybe you could print the paper template below for them to use.

Using Mapmate will ensure that all records are automatically passed to the recorder. If you use the spreadhseets, please send them to the right recorder for your records.

Please use Mapmate or one of these two automated spreadsheets. 

Macro Entry using MS Excel. (Don't open with Open Office)

Macro Entry using Open Office  (Don't open with MS Excel)

           County Macro Recorders
            For VC59 -  Richard Walker: rbkvwalker[at]
            For VC60 -   Pete Marsh: pmrsh123[at] 


Please use Mapmate or one of these two automated spreadsheets. 

Micro Entry using MS Excel. (Don't open with Open Office)

Micro Entry using Open Office  (Don't open with MS Excel)

          County Micro Records (VC59 only)
Send records to Richard Walker: rbkvwalker[at]

Richard has developed a process for receiving and verifying micro moths for South Lancashire. 

           County Micro Moth Recorder (VC60 only)

              John Girdley: john[at]

Mapmate hub for VC59 and VC60 records.
Graham Dixon:  troubleatmill[at]  is the Mapmate sync hub for VC59 and VC60. Please contact Graham if you wish to submit records by Mapmate. He can then arrange the replication details with you. 
Automated Spreadsheets
There are separate spreadsheets for micros and macros. In addtiion, each sheet is available as either an Excel  or an Open Office version. Please only open each version using the right program as there are compatibility issues when mixing versions and programs. 

Basic Spreadsheet
Please only use this if the automated sheets just will not work for you

Paper Templates
Please consider printing these out and passing them to any recorders you know who cannot access a computer to submit records