Lancashire Moth Recording
    An informal group of amateur moth recorders, working to continue the recording of moths in VC59  & VC60 and  to help other moth enthusiasts.

    Please help us to help you. 
    We are all just beginning to tackle the tasks involved in acting as country recorders. Any suggestions you can give will be welcomed.


    Latest Butterfly and Moth Recording Report (2013) for Lancashire now available.  thanks to Laura Sivell and Steve Palmer  Download using the link HERE 

     NEW version of PUGS OF LANCASHIRE now available, thanks to Brian Hancock. Download using the link HERE 

    New Versions of Spreadsheets now available. 
    If you have already downloaded copies of the spreadsheets from this site, please take a moment to download the latest versions. As you can imagine, with new programs, we are still finding small errors. 
    The latest was in the Micro entry excel spreadsheet, so if you are having problems, download it again now. 

    The links are on the Submitting Records page.

    The changes made include adding the new ABH numbers to the sheets, for information, as well as changing the internal workings of the spreadsheets to improve readability between Open Office and Excel. This latter change should be totally transparent to you. 
    The ABH numbers (standing for Agassiz, Beavan, Heckford)  are the new pan European numbering system which is beginning to be more commonly used. 

    We have also added a copy of the Agassiz checklist to the  Guidlines for Recorders page, or you can download it HERE

    New County Moth Recorders. See Submitting Records page for details. 
    It has been all change for the County Recorders. 
    We wish Graham Jones and Steve Palmer, the previous recorders all the best for their future moth-ing and give them all our thanks for the hard work they have put in over so many years. 

    What an act to follow. 

    New Data Entry Spreadsheets
    We also have new automated spreadsheets for you to use when submitting records if you don't use Mapmate. See Submitting Records page for details. Please use these rather than any other spreadsheets you may have. They are designed to make your life easier and make the recorders' jobs much easier too.

    More Thanks
    The contents of this site is almost all copied, with kind permission from Steve and Carolyn Palmer and others from the former Lancashire Moths site. The previous site has now been honourably retired.

    And An Apology
     The switching of websites from the previous one to this can cause a few problems with consistency for a few days. In particular, searches using Google, Yahoo etc may still show pointers to the old website. Clicking on them will send you here, but will also show a page not found error. 
    Don't worry, the pages exist, just not as they were. Choose the page you want from the list to the left and you will be OK.

    This should settle down in time.