Lancashire Moth Recording
An informal group of amateur moth recorders, working to continue the recording of moths in VC59  & VC60 and  to help other moth enthusiasts.

Please help us to help you. 
We are all just beginning to tackle the tasks involved in acting as country recorders. Any suggestions you can give will be welcomed.

New Field Guide Published
Local moth expert Steve Palmer is co-author of a brand new field guide which has just been published....
EDITION, 2018 .
The book is designed to be an essential guide for anyone interested in finding micro-moths. For every species that breeds in Great Britain and Ireland, the full life-history details are set out concisely, in a standard
way, with a thumbnail map
.Full details are available by clicking here.
Ideas for a Butterfly and Moth Garden
I was contacted recently by Mia, a local Girl Scout Troop Leader.
Her troop have become very interested in entomology, especially butterflies and moths. One of the Guides, Kim, came across this article about creating a butterfly garden and asked if I would like to add it to our website. The article is very interesting and although it is American, everything it says is true for us here too, and of course, what is good for butterflies is good for moths. I am delighted to encourage Kim and her friends in their interest, so well done.
Here is the link   https://www.homeadvisor.com/r/how-to-build-backyard-butterfly-garden/
Latest newsletter Published
Pete Smart has just published the latest Lancashire Moths newsletter. Our thanks to Pete and all the contributors for an excellent newsletter.  You can download the newsletter by clicking here or by going to our Newsletters page.
Micro Moth Field Tips Book Published
Ben Smart's excellent book on Micro Moth Field Tips has now been published.
Lancashire and Cheshire Fauna Society, with Butterfly Conservation Lancashire Branch are co-funding the publication of this new guide. The book is £16 plus p&p. Contact MMFieldTips@butterfly-
conservation.org or call Rob Yates on 07542 942052 to get details. Several local butterfly and moth folk have a few copies that you can purchase in person if you can to avoid postage. For example, Chris Winnick and Alex Parsons. See Butterfly Conservation Lancashire Branch website for contact details.
payments. __________________________________________________________________
 New Micro Moth Newsletter available.
 (More like everything you wanted to know about studying micromoths. Courtesy of Steve Palmer.
Download using this link or go to Newsletter page. 
New Recording Spreadsheets Available. Please Download and Use
A series of changes to Taxon names took place in 2016. the new names have been incorporated into new versions (Version 4) of the entry spreadsheets. It is important that you download and use these versions from now on. Use of older versions, or home grown spreadsheets can incorporate old taxon names which can prevent the records being accepted into the county database.  The new sheets are available for download on the Submitting Records page.

Please do use these new sheets. use of old or non standard sheets causes a massive amount of extra work for the county recorders and can cause your records to be rejected.
10k Distribution Tables Updated
Our thanks to Kevin McCabe who has updated the 10km square details of numbers of moths seen and species distributions to include all sightings up until end 2015. Go to 10k Distribution Tables page for details.
The Biodiverse Society Project. Get Involved.
see Biodiverse Society  page for details
 Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Guidance
Some useful information to help you stay safe while moth trapping is available on the Guidelines for Recorders page. Please check it out.  
New 2016  version of PUGS OF LANCASHIRE now available, thanks to Brian Hancock. Download using the link HERE 
Help us Please. Submitting Records. 

Thank you all for your 2016 records. 
As we have mentioned before, it makes the job of the county recorders and our records keeper much easier if you are able to submit using Mapmate (see Submitting records page for details). Using Mapmate also means that you get to see the complete records for the county.

 If you are not able to use Mapmate, please download the spreadsheets created by Alex Parsons to help make yours and our lives easier. 
If for some reason  you can't use this method either , then submit your records to the county recorder but please organise these as a list of species and numbers seen by date rather than just a list of species and all the dates you saw them on. 
The latter method takes a great deal of time consuming extra handling on out part to get them into a final record format that can be used in country and national recording. 

Thank you


Status of the macro moths of the Arnside and Silverdale AONB, by Brian Hancock. Download from link below or go to Newsletters and Other Documents page.


New moth events now published. See Events page for details.

The contents of this site is almost all copied, with kind permission from Steve and Carolyn Palmer and others from the former Lancashire Moths site. The previous site has now been honourably retired.